EDICOM Expert Analysis : Electronic Data Interchange, a sustainable technology

 EDI systems do away with the use of paper in businesses, helping protect the environment.

The development and rollout of B2B platforms based on electronic data exchange technology (EDI) brings great benefits to companies in their day-to-day running and administration in terms of management, security and process automation.

These inherent benefits in the use of EDI have an added ecological value, giving companies the possibility to take paper out of the business management loop.

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Paperless invoicing and reducing operational costs


 Electronic invoicing is implemented more and more in the daily processes of companies, especially within those with a high volume of document inter exchanging as part of their supply-chain processes.

Implementing electronic invoicing not only reduces your company operational costs by means of increasing the efficiency of your administrative processes, it will also reduce the payment terms and avoid possible mistakes in the creation and registration of invoices.

Also your customer who will receive the electronic invoices will gain similar advantages.

Edicom is a leading EDI provider with world-wide over 9000 clients in different market segments like retailers, manufactures, logistics & transport, automotive, healthcare, tourism, mass media & advertising, finance and public administration.

Electronic invoicing is one of our service offerings: we handle a monthly traffic of 3 million electronic invoices.

Edicom is able to send and receive via our own EDI platforms (EDICOM B2B Cloud Plataform) and Value Added Networks (VAN) electronic invoices according European requirements, but also for countries like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chili. We are able to handle the different technical specifications as well we offer the digital signature services, requested in different countries.

The possibility of sending and receiving invoices by communication services like our VAN, guarantees the correct transmission of invoice files. Furthermore, with digital signature protocols applied to the electronic invoice processes, the integrity, origin and authenticity of invoices are guaranteed.

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