Edicom NF-e: The solution that automatically records invoices received by mail in the ERP

 An Electronic Invoice reception platform which, in addition to XMLs received via EDI, lets you integrate those sent by mail. This solution includes validation processes for incoming documents and manages their secure and legitimate safekeeping throughout the legally stipulated period.

With the gradual development of Electronic Invoicing, some companies have rolled out information management systems incorporating modules able to generate the electronic invoice and forward it to the receiver by e-mail, although with fewer security assurances and lacking the potential for traceability and follow-up of the document provided by a specific electronic billing solution.

Nevertheless, the most critical part of the process and where companies’ needs are most evident is in document reception. The legal obligation to archive the documents and check their validity (SINIEF amendment 07/05 ) means that companies need to implement integral solutions which bring added value to NF-e invoice reception operations.

Validation, integration and storage of 100% of Invoices received

EDICOM, as an EDI and electronic billing technology provider, has developed a solution that solves all the problems companies in Brazil come up against when receiving an Electronic Invoice.

The EDICOM NF-e solution works in service mode (ASP – Application Service Provider), which means that no outlay on software or hardware is needed, ensuring continuous adaptation of the solution to current legislation governing NF-e at all times.

The key is a complete B2B communications platform which integrates the electronic invoices of all the trading partners regardless of their level of technological development, ensuring their reception, validation and recording in the XML file accounting system through different functions:

E-mail Integration


Integration solution for Electronic Invoices received by mail. The XMLs attached to the e-mail are automatically extracted, validated and integrated into the internal management system.

E-invoicing solution

Solution for receiving large volumes of invoices from suppliers with an EDI platform. Received documents are automatically validated, integrated and saved, totally unassisted.

Vendor Portal

Portal connected to your ERP for automatic forwarding of orders to your suppliers without EDI technology. Your supplier generates the NF-e automatically from your order data, ensuring the documents are properly constructed and ready for integration in the management system.

When companies manage to reach this level of technological sophistication and make their whole invoice reception process automatic using e-invoicing solutions, the implicit advantages for business management are very important.

  • More fluid administrative management by integrating the Electronic Invoice with the client’s ERP, with no need to input the data manually.
  • Maximum security assurances thanks to electronic systems able to confirm the authenticity of digital signatures.
  • Electronic storage of the original files received as set forth by law, under high security conditions with easy access for data queries via web interface.
  • Cutting out accounting errors by removing typical human typographical mistakes from the invoices.

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NFe Electronic Invoice: Electronic billing system mandatory for companies in Brazil


The Electronic Invoice is a document (XML ) issued and stored electronically, used to document the transit of goods or services provided between suppliers and receivers of these goods and services in the different Brazilian States.

 The fiscal and legal validity of the Invoice is assured with the digital signature of the sender and receiver and validation of the document by the Brazilian tax authorities (Secretaria de Fazenda – SEFAZ), as a precursor to the commercial transaction.

Electronic Invoice generation and validation procedure

The diagram shows a simple visual representation of the working process undergone by an Electronic Invoice from its creation to its validation by the SEFAZ.



  • The XML file is signed with a digital certificate.
  • The electronic invoice is transmitted to the SEFAZ by web service.
  • SEFAZ creates a pre-validation file and returns a user authorization to move the goods
  • To provide legal cargo transit cover, the company prints out the DANFE (E-Invoice Auxiliary Document) on normal paper.

The DANFE is a highly important document which, although generated electronically and validated by SEFAZ in the same way, must accompany the goods in paper format during their transit within the nation’s boundaries.

 The electronic model brings great advantages to companies

Since the SEFAZ authorized use of the Electronic Invoice in all the Federation states in October 2005, Brazilian companies have gained great benefits, especially in terms of administrative flexibility and savings on cost and time. This made what was originally a pilot project the most productive technological breakthrough in the commercial communication technologies sector in Brazil.

  • Streamlined administrative management by integrating the Electronic Invoice with the client’s ERP, with no need to enter the data manually.
  • Maximum security guarantees by integrating electronic systems able to verify the authenticity of digital signatures.
  • Electronic safekeeping of original files, enhancing administrative efficiency and document security conditions.
  • Fewer accounting errors, due to removal of typical human typographical errors from the invoices.

EDICOM consolidates presence in Brazil

EDICOM Group opened a physical office in the city of São Paulo two years ago, and in this time has achieved significant recognition in the electronic data interchange technologies sector by virtue of proven experience in developing own solutions for B2B e-commerce and electronic billing.

Thanks to this strong foothold, EDICOM has become the EDI services provider to important and prestigious leading businesses in their respective sectors in Brazil, such as DIA Brazil, a major multinational food distribution company, ENIVIX, top-ranking logistics sector operator, or ECO FROTAS, one of the country’s main fruit and vegetable supplier companies.

The services EDICOM can provide in Brazil are reinforced by a tried and tested international track record as leading pioneers in the development of EDI and e-billing solutions throughout the American continent, with an equally strong presence in the USA, Mexico and Argentina.

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