EDICOM Business Case: Mondelēz International (Kraft Foods)

Mondelēz International, the new designation for Kraft Foods, now implements a Continuous Replenishment Planning or CRP tool in its EDI platform.

By integrating this smart logistics management and optimization software, the company generates and controls restocking for the different distribution points in Spain, automatically creating orders based on sales and logistics information sent by its trading partners to configure the CRP-Flow solution.

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EDICOM Business Case: EUREST

EUREST centralizes business communications with suppliers in Spanish jurisdictions through a single B2B technology platform allowing them to engage in practically all their transactions electronically, with significant cost savings in logistics and administrative management.

The EDI platform has a powerful technological infrastructure implemented on own-developed software to integrate messages with the in-house management system, notably automating management of the EDI EUREST carries out with trading partners.

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EDICOM attends ODETTE International Exhibition 2012

ODETTE 2012 EXHIBITION – Berlin – Hotel Intercontinental

12/03/2012 – 12/04/2012

EDICOM – Stand 26

Another year on, EDICOM is at the ODETTE International Conference and Exhibition, the largest annual event dedicated to studying and analysing the latest trends in B2B technology applied to the automotive industry.

On the 3rd and 4th of December, executives from major automotive companies and experts in the development of EDI solutions (Electronic Data Interchange) worldwide such as EDICOM, come together to share and exchange knowledge. The forum will discuss the most effective electronic communications systems for supply chain management and data exchange in a highly complex sector due to the significant number of stakeholders involved in the manufacturing process.

The most important issues to be discussed during these two days are:

  • Supply Chain models for Emerging Market
  • Increasing resilience against supply chain disruption
  • OEMs latest logistics Concepts
  • Transportation strategies in the Global Supply Chain
  • Implementing global standards
  • Developments in the automotive aftermarket
  • Manufacturing flexibility and inventory management
  • New information technologies for the automotive Supply Chain
  • The Role of Telematics in the Global Supply Chain
  • The Green Supply Chain
  • Supplier integration
  • New RFID implementations

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Get to know our experience and our experts

EDICOM has extensive experience as a technology partner to some of the major automotive companies. Our solutions and services ensure clear communication and seamless connectivity with any sector partner. Regardless of any particular data structure features or specific communication protocols such as OFTP and OFTP2.

Find out first hand what our EDI experts and solutions can do for your business at ODETTE Exhibition 2012 – Stand Nº26.

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EDICOM Business Case : Bodegas Vicente Gandía

Bodegas Vicente Gandia has a complete B2B communications platform enabling it to integrate 100% of the business transactions exchanged with partners with its internal management system. Additionally, the platform includes an E-invoicing module which applies all the technical and legal requirements demanded by European legislation, adding greater assurance of safety and traceability to a document where management is vital for the company.

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PARTNER WEB PORTAL: The EDI solution linking 100% of your trading partners

A technological solution enabling you to integrate your B2B communications with all those key business partners that do not have EDI systems.Companies adopting the solution optimize the exchange of electronic documents and can integrate 100% of their business transactions, regardless of the technological development status of their partners.

Partner Web Portal takes your EDI communications further

EDI makes it possible to exchange B2B data electronically by integrating the management systems of the companies taking part in trade relations. Rolling out EDI brings advantages such as automation of operations, greater efficiency in processes, cost reductions or faster response times for customers and suppliers. These advantages are important insofar as an increased number of transactions can take place electronically and for this to happen, incorporating as many of your partners as possible in your B2B community is a priority, even those who do not have their own technological EDI solutions.

To reach out to these partners and take maximum advantage from your EDI platform, there are solutions such as the Partner Web Portal, which provides an easy-access online environment for your trading partners without an EDI solution, where they can receive, generate and send commercial transactions such as orders or electronic invoices, which will be automatically integrated in your ERP.

EDICOM Partner Web Portal: Web solution in ASP-SaaS mode

Exchanging transactions is dynamic, secure and fluid, with communication flowing in both directions: -inbound – integrated in our client’s ERP – and outbound – sent automatically to the recipient’s online framework from the records in the management system. Implementation is in ASP-SaaS mode, so that all the technological resources (software and hardware) needed to start up the solution are outsourced through the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform.

EDICOM Partner Web Portal gives companies a great competitive edge

  • Connectivity: Extending your B2B community, linking up your partners regardless of their technological limitations.
  • Integration: The platform allows message integration and automation with the ERP for sending and reception.
  • Customization: Availability of a unique B2B platform customized to manage, administer and exchange business messages with all your trading partners
  • Outsourcing: Outsourcing the technical resources (software and hardware) necessary to get the solution underway through the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform
  • Cost cutting: Important cost reductions by integrating and automating your business management and logistics processes with all your trading partners.

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