EDICOM extends communication platform 2.0 to LinkedIN

EDICOM has opened a new business profile in LinkedIN, one of the most popular social networks in the world and the leading global platform to foster business relations, synergies and networking.

The world’s most connected professional social network

LinkedIn is the network that connects most professionals worldwide, with a strong presence of executives and senior company officers from industries of all shapes and sizes, among them the technology sector, where EDICOM is a global benchmark in the electronic data interchange technology niche.

Figures illustrating the growing importance of this networking community:

  • More than 131 million users worldwide
  • Technological network that registers 13% of accesses via mobile devices
  • LinkedIn share button positioned in over 180,000 domains

With these data, EDICOM’s motivation to be present on LinkedIn is more than justified, focusing on providing the users with updated contents and interesting information on new technological features produced in EDICOM that we consider potentially beneficial for businesses, as well as the breaking trends and legal news constantly cropping up on all continents on issues such as electronic invoicing, customs formalities, regulations affecting product labelling, etc.

This is the first step in EDICOM’s gradual foray into the social media, fruit of the internationalization undergone by the company in recent years and the demand from many of our clients who need specialist information sources to keep up-to-date on all the changes taking place in our sector.

“Join our profile in LinkedIn”.

In this brief and entertaining two-minute video you can see what EDICOM’s communication platform 2.0 is all about.

EDICOM will attend Retail’s Big Show 2013 – Join us!


As in past years EDICOM will participate as a provider and developer of B2B solutions in the yearly show that gathers the greatest number of companies in the retail sector of the United States.

Retail’s BIG Show 2013

More than 25,000 professionals from the retail industry will be attending the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) event whose principal objective will be to discuss and contribute new solutions to the sector.

EDICOM will be present contributing solutions for the electronic transmission of business documents (EDI), a process that brings efficiency and cost cutting to supply chain management and daily sales and administrative activities.

January 13-16, 2013
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
New York City
Booth C511

Ample experience in the retail sector

Retail has long been the sector where electronic data interchange has been the most ubiquitous, widely implemented and standardized.

Common messages of use in this sector include Purchase Orders, Advanced Shipping Notices and Invoices, integrating retailers, vendors, 3rd Party Logistics Providers and any other player in the supply chain.

The sheer size and variability of the articles sold, the diverse profiles of vendors and retailers and the adoption of continual replenishment solutions are but a few factors that have made retail the sector where one finds the greatest implementation of technologies for data integration.

EDICOM is one of the premiere providers of these integration solutions in Europe and the Americas and the principal partner of some of the largest retailers and suppliers in the world, among them Carrefour, Harrods, Toys ‘R’ Us, Le Printemps, Dia, American Apparel, Delhaize, Douglas, Unilever, Bonduelle, Energizer, Red Bull, Heinz…

Some of the solutions EDICOM has developed specially to optimize commercial communications and transaction systems for retail and distribution are:

Integrated EDI: For situations in which companies process high volumes of transactions, EDICOM provides an integration platform with the capacity to automate such messages directly to and from our partner’s ERP. EDICOM has ample experience integrating more standard messages like Invoices, Sales Reports and Purchase Orders as well as more esoteric logistical message sets.

Partner Web Portal: EDICOM creates custom portal solutions for retailers to achieve maximum Onboarding success, insuring that even their smallest partners are totally EDI compliant. All messages registered in the portal will be completely integrated with the retailer’s ERP. Additionally, our portal’s ease of use will guarantee a low level of maintenance and training for vendors.

EDICOMData -GDSN Solution- : EdicomData is our Electronic Product Catalog developed for the synchronization of Price Catalogs. EdicomData is a GS1-certified and completely interoperable meaning it will work seamlessly with whatever Data Pool your partner is using. Additionally EDICOM develops integration solutions for publishers (suppliers) that want a more automated flow of GDSN processes and Product Information Management solutions for retailers on the subscription-side.