EDICOM taking part in Odette International Conference and Exhibition

Odette International Conference and Exhibition

Espace Tête d’Or in Lyon (France) is the venue for this year’s traditional annual Odette Conference and Exhibition. At this international event dedicated to the automotive industry, attendees will find the latest B2B technology trends to improve efficiency and optimize the distribution chain. During the two-day event taking place on 19 and 20 May, EDICOM will be presenting the various EDI and electronic billing solution specifically for the automotive sector at booth number 15.

Working systems in the automotive world, such as Just In, along with the heterogeneity of supply chain providers, make it necessary to roll out technological solutions that facilitate communications. This is why the sector is one of the most experienced in electronic data interchange (EDI). Thanks to this technology, manufacturers can permanently share information on warehouse stocks, notifications of goods received, etc.

This is why EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) will be one of the main attractions at the event organized by Odette. EDICOM will take the opportunity to present some of the solutions already used by major automotive sector companies such as FeuVert, Algontec, BorgWarner or Fiberpachs. Our EDI communications platform designed specifically for the sector deploys multi-format data transformation mechanisms for fully transparent integration of all messages exchanged with your trading partners (whether manufacturers or top line suppliers), ensuring the sending and receipt of any business documents. Moreover, it is a B2B environment operating 24 hours, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.

The evolution of EDI also allows us to increase productivity and cut costs. In this sense, electronic billing is shaping up as a great ally, by automating much of the process, reducing errors, increasing security and leading to savings. This is why it has currently become one of the technological priorities, not only in the automotive sector, but in all areas and anywhere in the world. In fact, EDICOM has a solution of international einvoicing platform  adapted to the requirements of each country, such as France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, the USA, Mexico, Chile, etc. A solution that has made us world leaders in the rollout of e-invoicing and will feature prominently in our stand at the fair.

All those interested in attending this great international event on B2B technology applied to the automotive sector can register at the Odette websit.


MINHAP regulates technical and functional requirements for accounting registry of invoices


On March 29, a ministerial order was published in the Official Gazette, regulating the technical and functional requirements of the accounting register for invoices. In it, the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration (MINHAP) sets forth certain specifications in order to ensure the integrity, security and interoperability of the different systems.

Since 1 January this year, governments are required to have an accounting register for invoices, as laid down by law 25/2013 of 27 December. This initiative is a precursor to the definitive rollout of Facturae (electronic billing schema developed in Spain), que llegará en 2015, and allows immediate control of economic reality, as it covers all movements made by the Public Administration and its suppliers.

According to the recent order (HAP/492/72014), each Administration must immediately record the invoices received in the accounts register, as well as their acceptance or rejection and proposals for cancellation and return, should the need arise. In other words, all the states through which an invoice passes are recorded, which should improve payment commitments and, in consequence, cut down on late payments in the Public Sector.

This ongoing control will also facilitate follow-up on the status of invoices. This is reflected in Article 9: “…the supplier is entitled to know the following billing stages: whether the invoice has been recorded in the accounting register; if the obligation acknowledged has been entered in the books; if it has been paid, cancelled or rejected”.

In this sense, Plataforma de Facturae de EDICOM is able to interact with the general point of entry for electronic invoices in the corresponding Administration, extract the information and deliver it to the interested party in simplified format. This traceability constitutes a great advantage for Public Sector suppliers, who will now have updated information on the status of their invoices.

In addition, it is a multiprotocol platform geared so that suppliers can contact with any Public Administration directly, whether local, regional, state or supranational, totally transparently and with availability guaranteed.

Order HAP/492/2014, which also sets forth some technical requirements related to issues of confidentiality, integrity, availability and security, came into force on 30 March. However, the autonomous regions and local authorities have a three-month deadline to adapt their systems to the provisions.


EDICOM, experts in Facturae

The EDICOM Plataforma de Facturae is aligned with the new MINHAP provisions and Law 25/2013 of 27 December on electronic invoicing.

At EDICOM, we have wide-ranging experience in developing electronic billing solutions for the Public Sector. To find out more, check out business case of Generalitat Valenciana de  and Servicio Andaluz de Salud.

EDICOM extends e-invoicing platform in Peru

Our Permanent Electronic Invoicing Observatory recently detected important progress in the electronic billing system in force in Peru (electronic payment receipts). Government authorities are seeking to exert greater fiscal control and modernize accounting management for small and medium-sized businesses in Peru through the electronic system.

Given these active policies, in which the Peruvian government requires an initial group of large companies to issue invoices with the electronic schema, EDICOM has joined in by updating its electronic invoicing platform in line with the requirements demanded by SUNAT. This way, EDICOM can provide companies engaging in trading relations in Peru with a solution that automates the creation, sending and safekeeping of electronic invoices.



  • Data are taken from the client’s internal management system. The data are processed according to the electronic format provided by SUNAT (UBL 2.0.)
  • Electronic signature mechanisms that ensure document integrity and authenticity through advanced data encryption techniques are applied. An electronic certificate registered with the SUNAT must be issued previously.
  • The data demanded by SUNAT are submitted by web service communication with special delivery guarantees. SUNAT validates and registers the data on its platform, returning a receipt confirmation (CDR – Constancia de Recepción) that is integrated with the invoice data.
  • The EDICOM platform triggers the mechanisms to deliver the electronic bill to clients (recipients). Sending can take place through EDICOM’s own private network, which provides the documents with special security and traceability conditions (EDI system, private web portal for receivers), or by e-mail.

In the event of any possible anomaly in the bill, the solution automatically notifies the invoice status after validation in the SUNAT systems:

Accepted – Accepted with Comment – Rejected

  • The proof of payment, duly validated by SUNAT, is archived in the EDICOM DPC (Data Processing Center).
  • The data transformation process starts up automatically, for fully transparent integration of the bill with the client’s internal management system.
  • As required by law, the EDICOM platform enables online access with special security and confidentiality conditions where recipients can view the receipts issued for a 1-year period.

Know more about our einvoice solution for Peru.

More than half of Spanish pharmacies use Business@Mail Pharma

Business Mail Pharma

More than half of Spanish retail pharmacies, some 51.2 %, are already using the e-commerce platform Business@Mail Pharma created by EDICOM. This private online portal specially designed for the sector, simplifies the sharing of key business information between drugstores and their suppliers. Invoices or despatch advices are sent out automatically and with maximum security guarantees.

Since the rollout of Business@Mail Pharma, approximately 6 months ago, over 178,000 documents have been exchanged through the platform, mostly electronic invoices. The receivers are almost 11,000 Spanish retail pharmacies, using this technological progress to optimize their business and logistical transactions while cutting costs arising from paper and storage. With this platform, the documents from all pharmacy providers are received and stored in the same framework for online viewing and management.

Operating in the pharmacy recipient framework at Business@Mail Pharma is very simple and does not require advanced computer skills. Invoices, delivery notes, despatch advices or lists of invoices, etc. are published in the platform, which forwards them automatically to the pharmacies’ private network. Later, the users receive an e-mail notifying them that there are files waiting to be checked. From the portal, the recipient may consult, print or download the documents. In addition, the platform acts as a secure electronic archive which safeguards business documents legally and securely throughout their validity period (five years in the case of electronic invoices).

The Business@Mail Pharma solution is perfectly adapted to the needs of the sector, as it was developed in collaboration with some of the main pharmaceutical laboratories.

The majority of them currently use this solution, which facilitates day-to-day management. Among them Bayer, Abbot, Boehringer, Hartmann, Pierre Fabre, IFC, Logista, Disalfarm or Biogalénica.

To learn more about our unique e-commerce platform for pharmacies, check out these documentary materials:


Edicom takes part in GS1 Mexico Congress


The main technological tendencies applied to the retail sector will be highlighted on 13 and 14 May at the GS1 Mexico Congress. This annual rendezvous would not be complete without EDICOM, leader in the development of B2B technological solutions and provider to large-scale retailers such as Grupo Gigante, DIA, Toys R’Us or Cortefiel.

Every day, large-scale distributors have to deal with managing multiple business transactions, further complicated by heterogeneity in the profiles of suppliers and customers. In this sense, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) has become a necessary tool to simplify these procedures and enhance productivity and efficiency. This is why the supply chain sector is one of the areas with widespread deployment of electronic data interchange platforms.

EDICOM has different solutions that help improve the management of business transactions such as orders, despatch advices, delivery notes, invoices, etc. At our booth, visitors can discover the easiest way to link up with their suppliers or how to integrate and automate data communications in the ERP through EDI.

In addition to EDI platforms, the retail sector has other technological proposals that help improve business and cut costs. Among them, we find our solutions to optimize electronic billing management. In this sense, EDICOM is one of the leading electronic invoicing service providers in Mexico and the first PAC authorized by the SAT. To maximize the use of electronic invoicing, compulsory for the vast majority of taxpayers since 1 April, our company has created several value-added services, such as the issuing of payroll slips or the Receipts Portal.

According to the organization, the GS1 Mexico Congress will play host to over 3000 visitors. Please do not hesitate to visit us during the Congress and ask for a first-hand demonstration of our software.

  • 13 and 14 May 2014
  • Banamex Center, Mexico City.
  • Av. Conscripto 311, Lomas de Sotelo, Miguel Hidalgo, 11200, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, México.

Interested parties can find further information and register at the event website: http://www.gs1mexico.org/congreso/.