Ecuador backs electronic billing in 2014

La factura electrónica en Ecuador

Ecuador will be the next country to join in the e-billing rollout. As of June 1, several sectors are required to switch over to this system, as laid down in Resolution NAC- DGERCGC13 – 00236. However, the adaptation process will be carried out gradually in different stages, culminating in January 2015.

Financial institutions under the control of the Superintendency of Banks and Insurance will be the first to use the electronic invoicing system. Special taxpayers engaging in telecommunications and pay TV related economic activities must join in along with them. The date set for these two sectors is June 1. Later, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) stipulates another 3 groups:

  • As of August 1 2014, credit card issuers and managers will be required to issue electronic invoices.
  • October 1 is the date set by the IRS for exporters qualified as special taxpayers.
  • Finally, also due to migrate as of January 1, 2015 are:
  • Special taxpayers not listed above.
  • Taxpayers with authorization to print out sales receipts, withholdings and additional documents through computerized systems (self-printers).
  • Taxpayers making sales via Internet.
  • Taxable persons carrying out export activities.

These measures implemented by the Ecuadorian government affect not only electronic invoices, but also credit and debit notes, review guides or withholding receipts. The aim is to cut costs and simplify the process. We must also been in mind that these electronic documents are equally valid as those on paper, but provide greater security guarantees and allow for easy storage.

The rollout of electronic billing is now a global trend, due to the numerous advantages it brings. Countries around the world have taken this step towards modernization, which will produce significant cost savings and help reduce environmental pollution.


E-invoicing experts

EDICOM is the international leader in development and implementation of electronic billing solutions. Our platform is aligned with the different standards and legal requirements required in many countries worldwide. Ecuador is among them.

To find out more about this solution which automates the process of generating, sending, receiving and storing electronic invoices, feel free to contact our consultants.

EDICOM sponsors TI&Varejo Congress

 Congresso TI&Varejo 2014

June 3rd and 4th are the dates of the TI&Varejo Congress, one of the most outstanding international events for the retail sector. This third edition will be sponsored, among others, by EDICOM and takes place at Fecomércio. The event expects visits from hundreds of professionals interested in the main technological trends focused on the retail trade.

EDICOM will also be present at the fair as one of the leading exponents worldwide specialized in the rollout and development of EDI solutions for the sector. At stand 13 visitors will discover why technology can become your greatest ally when it comes to increasing productivity and streamlining the exchange of information between trading partners. EDI platforms allow us to optimize communications between manufacturers and distributors.

TI&Varejo also has a packed conference schedule for the two days of the event. EDICOM’s turn comes up on the second day, with a talk on “Importance of information flow in the retail sector”. Between 10:50 and 12:00, our Commercial Director in Brazil, Francisco Rico, will go over the different messages currently being used (DESADV, REDADV, electronic catalogue/data pool, etc.) to improve the flow of trade and logistics communications in the distribution chain, in countries all over the world.

EDICOM has wide-ranging experience in the development of technological solutions for the retail sector worldwide. Dia, Carrefour, Toys’R Us or Grupo Gigante now rely on platforms such as Business Mail, the EDICOMNet network or Ediwin. Technological solutions that enhance everyday communications and which you can get to know first-hand with TI&Varejo at booth 13. To do so, you can sign up for the fair through the event website.

EDICOM takes part in GS1 France sessions on EDI in transport

Conférence GS1 sur l’EDI et le transport

The session on transport and logistics is held by GS1 France under the umbrella of its agenda of annual conferences on the spread of EDI technology in different key sectors of the economy.

During the session, the speakers will use real case histories to review the great challenges faced by EDI communications (Electronic Data Interchange) in the transport sector. Safety, efficiency and traceability are indispensable features in the commercial and logistical communications flow among all partners involved in the movement of goods throughout the distribution chain.

This transport conference will bring together all the public and private stakeholders making up the sphere of transport and logistics operations in France. Manufacturers, distributors, logistics operators, carriers and customs services will now have a physical space during the event where they can visit us and gain first-hand experience of the solutions and services specifically developed by EDICOM for the logistics sector.

GS1 Conference on Transport and EDI: Le Transport opère sa mutation numérique

  • 17 June 2014, from 9:00 to 17:00
  • Hotel Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel

See full session schedule.


EDICOM – EDI solutions for the logistics sector

EDICOM has developed a specific B2B communications platform to optimize the exchange of e- documents between companies engaged in goods movements throughout the supply chain. Some of the leading companies in this field, such as DHL or FCC Logistica, have entrusted the automation of their goods movement communications and statements to EDICOM.

Further information on the EDICOM logistics platform.


Italian government shortens electronic billing rollout deadline

electronic einvoicing in Italy

Within one month, electronic invoicing will be mandatory in certain sectors of the Italian Public Administration. As of June 6, Ministries, the Tax Agency and state security bodies, as well as their suppliers, must use electronic means in their business transactions. Other public agencies will join this digital leap nine months later. This way, the rollout of electronic invoicing in the Italian Public Sector will be completed by 31 March 2015.

The initial deadline for switchover completion was 6 June 2015, one year after the first stage was started up. However, el the Decree-Law issued on 24 April in the Official Gazette brought this period forward two months, as specified in article 25. This means that by 31 March next year, all public bodies, including local authorities and their suppliers, will be required to use electronic invoicing.

One of the aims of this Italian government measure is to combat tax avoidance, thanks to the payment traceability guarantees provided by electronic billing. To ensure this monitoring, invoice receipts must include the Codice identificativo di gara (CIG) and Codice unico di Progetto (CUP) in the cases stipulated by law. In the event of failure to provide this data properly, as provided by law, the authorities may stop the payment of invoices.

Improving administrative tasks, boosting productivity and cutting costs are other objectives linked with the rollout of electronic invoicing. In fact, these advantages have made it one of the priorities of the Digital Agenda. The trend towards an increasingly paperless Public Administration is gaining ground throughout Europe. Neighbouring countries such as Portugal, France and Spain have also taken similar steps to those of Italy.


A solution that automates the entire process

At EDICOM, we are specialists in the rollout and development of electronic invoicing solutions worldwide. We have a cloud-based platform in line with the new legal requirements and adaptable both for SMEs and multinationals, as well as the Public Administration.

This solution enables users to totally automate not only the process of generating invoices for the Administration and their subsequent storage, but also their integration with the rest of the documents in the order and payment cycle.

For more information, click here or contact our sales team.

EDICOM debuts strongly in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for “Integration Brokerage”

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Integration Brokerage

The report highlights major strengths such as the company’s financial situation, consolidated and sustained growth over time, process efficiency and a dominant position in Central Europe and Latin America, or its global Electronic Invoicing solutions.


Gartner’s Magic Quadrant: Key reference for major multinationals

EDICOM, international provider of solutions for business data integration between companies, is acknowledged by prestigious technology consultants Gartner INC as a top ranking “Challenger” in the “Magic Quadrant for Integration Brokerage” published in April 2014.

The Gartner study carries out a meticulous analysis of several variables from a set of benchmark suppliers, positioning them on a conceptual map which gauges two fundamental aspects:

  • Quality, efficiency and efficacy of working processes, methods and systems.
  • Business strategy in the mid-to long-term to ensure sustainability and future growth.

The number of suppliers analysed by Gartner is limited, and the criteria for determining which partners appear are very strict, governed by aspects such as the ability to maintain minimum sales levels, the international nature of the provider, their degree of specialization in data integration technologies, availability of consolidated platforms in SaaS mode, or having a robust B2B communications infrastructure.

Through its different editions, the report has become a benchmark used by some of the world’s biggest companies to assess the skills, strengths and weaknesses of different partners. Today, it is a key consulting tool used by large multinational corporations when selecting technology suppliers for their EDI projects, electronic billing and systems integration in general.


EDICOM, new benchmark provider in Magic Quadrant

The previous version of “Magic Quadrant” dates from 2009. Among the new businesses analysed in the updated edition for 2014, EDICOM stands out as the most advanced “Challenger”.

EDICOM’s presence in this study is the result of the expansion and consolidation process initiated over a decade ago through various strategic plans, leading to today’s position as an international technology provider of reference, specializing in large-scale international data integration projects.

The Gartner report especially rated EDICOM’s domination of certain regional markets such as Europe and Latin America, where the firm technically holds an outstanding leadership position.

A thorough knowledge of international electronic billing systems and the financial soundness and robustness of its business model are some of the other strengths that have made EDICOM worthy of this debut among the select group of companies making up “Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Integration Brokerage