The latest new e-billing features come together at FactuurCongress

The EDICOM team will be taking part in the upcoming addition of FactuurCongress, one of the most important European events in the e-invoicing area. On this occasion the event, focused on analysing the present and future of this technology, will be held in Amersfoort (The Netherlands) on 16April.

The session begins at 8:30 am and will run until after 17.00 hours. At this time, more than 300 professionals expected to attend will have the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of how e-billing works and what the benefits are for businesses. In addition, they will be able to seek customized solutions to all their doubts and queries. To this end, the experts from the EDICOM International Electronic Invoicing Observatory, Vera Kabout y Amalia Benimeli, offer you the chance to ask for 1-on-1 meetings with them in a space specially given over to the purpose.

At this ninth edition of the FactuurCongress, visitors will also be able to hear Gé Linssen, head of the official policy on e-Government from the Ministry of Economy. His speech will focus on the rapid growth e-invoicing will soon undergo, both in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. As of 2018, Directive 2014/55/EU requires EU public administrations to accept e-invoicing in public procurement processes.

Cutting-edge technology

EDICOM is one of the leading suppliers in EDI and e-invoicing worldwide, with more than 14,000 clients and offices in 8 countries. At stand xxxx of FactuurCongress, our specialists will be demonstrating the most cutting-edge solutions to optimize B2B communications and fully automate electronic billing. These technologies adapt to each company’s needs, from multinationals to SMEs, and are designed to maximize efficiency and economic savings.

Would you like to attend FactuurCongress free of charge?

EDICOM invites you to one of the benchmark e-invoicing events in Europe. If you would like to attend free of charge, simply click here and fill in the form.

You will receive a promotional code to get your free pass to the event.

GS1 UK Healthcare Conference: towards a technological revolution in the health sector

The National Health Service (NHS) e-procurement strategy is steadily gaining ground in the United Kingdom and poses a considerable challenge, both for public entities and their suppliers. This is why at the GS1 UK Healthcare Conference 2016 edition, sponsored by EDICOM among others, this technological leap will be the real protagonist. In fact, the title of the session scheduled for 12 and 13 April is “Helping the NHS save thousands of lives and millions of pounds.”

On this occasion, the event is taking place at the Heathrow Radisson Blu Edwardian and over 300 guests are expected to attend. Here, they can take part in specialist conferences with NHS members and find out first-hand how to implement the e-Procurement Strategy. To this end, EDICOM will be at stand 3 in the event sponsors area, showcasing the most cutting-edge solutions to implement each and every one of the requirements set by NHS: from the e-catalogue to data integration.

Over the two days of the conference there will also be time to discuss health in the international scope. Here, the adoption of standards and new technologies could help create a safer industry for patients, but also much more efficient. Returning to the NHS, the figures show that every hospital in England will save roughly £3 million per annum through paperless initiatives.



EDICOM is currently one of the most well-rounded technology providers in the sector health sector worldwide, with clients of reference such as Abbot, Bayer or Lilly. In addition to being a specialist in EDI and e-invoicing, we also have specific solutions for the industry such as Business@Mail Pharma.

In the specific case of the e-Procurement Strategy, EDICOM fully complies with the GS1 and PEPPOL standards required by the regulations. The EDICOMData e-catalogue is a GS1-certified Datapool, so can operate in the GDSN network. It is also authorized as Access Point Provider, with full operational capacity in the PEPPOL network.


How to attend the event?

To participate in the GS1 UK Healthcare Conference it is necessary to purchase tickets through the GS1 UK website, which you can do by clicking here.

To learn more about the e-procurement strategy that is technologically revolutionizing the British health service, we recommend this free download of the White Paper on NHS e-Procurement (available in English and Spanish).

A 100% paperless sector is possible

The airfreight sector is increasingly moving toward digitization. Use of paper is gradually giving way to technology in areas such as billing, issuing shipping documents, communication with customers or exchanging logistic messages. Little by little, all these processes are becoming electronic. However, on the majority of occasions only big businesses manage to make this technological leap forward.

How does it affect small airlines and freight forwarders? These stakeholders account for tons of paper wasted each year. But in addition, we must bear in mind that the airfreight sector can only be entirely paperless if the technology reaches out to all companies: both large and small. To achieve this objective, EDICOM has developed the Viewer solution.

This is an alternative to the advanced EDICOMAir platform, automated and aimed at large corporations. In contrast, Viewer operates as an EDI web application. Operation is immediate and low-cost, as only minimal implementation is required. The only thing users need to be able to exchange e-documents securely with customers and suppliers is an Internet connection.

Viewer is a manual solution, but it has systems for generation on the basis of other messages which automate part of the document creation processes. Through it, small airlines and freight forwarders can issue e-invoices, air cargo manifests, house and master air waybills (e-AWB), communication with customs and other EDI messages, without limitations. The platform can receive freight status updates (FSU) from message recipients. It is fully compatible with the IMP and Cargo-XML standards regulated by the IATA.

Users already see EDICOMAir Viewer as an automatic waybill shortcut system.

Ultimately, Viewer is a solution to extend electronic communications to 100% of companies in the airfreight sector.

e-Archiving expands electronic billing in Turkey

The reason is that as of last January 1st, a new mandatory billing system for some companies is in force, known as e-archiving or e-Arşiv in Turkish. This is a method that enables users to carry out the entire process electronically, regardless of the recipient to whom the documents addressed.

Before the advent of e-Arşiv, Turkish taxpayers could only issue e-invoices when the receiver was also electronically enabled. A requirement that hampered the spread of this technology. However, with e-archiving all the bills are generated and stored, for a 10 year period, in totally digital format. Forwarding can subsequently take place by different methods, depending on the technological capacities of each recipient.

Another difference between traditional electronic invoicing and this new process is that the documents are not immediately reported to the Turkish Tax Administration (GIB / TRA). Instead, companies must issue a monthly report.

The e-archiving regulation is stated in Article 433 of the Law on Tax Procedure. This regulation made it compulsory to adapt to this method before January 1 for all companies that had earned income of over 5 million lira (TRY) in tax year 2014 trading goods or services via Internet.

Moreover, in the coming months compulsory use of the new system will be extended to the banks, logistics and transport companies and internet advertising agents. This will broaden the penetration of e-invoicing in Turkey over the year.

How to issue e-archiving?

Specialist technology providers are responsible for generating the e-invoices in accordance with the new system’s requirements and submitting the monthly billing summary. EDICOM is already authorized to manage this procedure, thanks to our partnership in Turkey with the company ISIS Bilisim Teknolojileri. It is also enabled to carry out other Turkish electronic procedures such as traditional e-invoicing or e-bookkeeping.