EDICOM expands connectivity in Switzerland through an agreement with Swisscom

EDICOM expands connectivity in Switzerland through an agreement with Swisscom

EDICOM has reached a new agreement with a partner widely established in Switzerland, with a view to expanding the capacity of its value-added network, EDICOMNet. The company, Swisscom, specializes in EDI and e-invoicing. From now on, both companies will be collaborating in the data transmission process to ensure greater interoperability for customers. This way, the Swisscom service VAN, known as Conextrade, sets up a direct, secure two-way interconnection with our EDICOMNet service.


In fact, since last January, e-invoicing in Switzerland has been mandatory for the Federal Administration and its suppliers. The measure affects all contracts signed for a value equal to or greater than 5000 Swiss francs. In recent months this has prompted several large corporations to sign up for e-invoicing, following the guideline model defined by eCH Verein, known as swissDIGIN.


The public billing model in Switzerland presents three suppliers that act as billing hubs for suppliers to the Federal Administration, responsible for forwarding the invoices to the competent administrative body. However, these accredited companies must reach agreements with other e-billing service companies, with the aim of encouraging all the Swiss Administration’s suppliers to join the new invoicing scheme. This way, these companies can take care of everything from transformation of the document to the set standard to validation or subsequent storage.


Swisscom is one of the three authorized companies acting as a HUB with the Administration. EDICOM had already been connected to the Swiss government platform for several months through another authorized provider, and now enhances the service quality even further by signing an interoperability agreement with Swisscom.


However, collaboration is not limited to the e-invoicing document or the B2G scope. The alliance with Swisscom will also serve to improve EDI connections in the B2B area, while optimizing trade and logistic relationships for the clients of both parties, with the fluid exchange of all types of EDI transactions, such as purchase orders, shipping notes, product catalogues…etc.


In an increasingly globalized world, particularly in the business sphere, interoperability has become one of the great challenges in B2B2G communications between companies. To this end, EDICOM periodically signs agreements with key suppliers from different countries to strengthen their interconnections worldwide.



Communications via OFTP2

OFTP (Odette File Transfer Protocol) was originally designed for the interchange of data between partners in the European automobile sector.

Today, it is still the most widely used communication protocol in the industry, and most European car manufacturers use it for transactions with all their suppliers.

The latest version of the protocol is identified as OFTP2 and provides a greater number of security functionalities for the safe data interchange on IP networks.

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EDICOM AS2 SERVER is the solution for interchanging business documents securely via internet, using the HTTPS protocol for transmission in different formats such as XML/ Binary, EDI and other MIME-codifiable data used for Business to Business exchanges.

Communications through this technology allow safe and seamless interchanges through the use of powerful data encryption techniques and digital certificates.

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EDICOM Communications Infraestructure

Under the name EDICOMNet we bring you the most complete communications infrastructure to make document sending and reception easier, independently of protocols, receivers, countries or sectors, etc.

EDICOMNet is set up as an integral service for critical data transmission in B2B environments, guaranteeing that your electronic transactions and other business documents reach their destination properly with delivery fully guaranteed and through secure channels, ensuring confidentiality and integrity of the messages exchanged.

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