Outsourcing your EDI solution

EDICOM’s Global Outsourcing Service totally frees you from managing your B2B communications platform, handling all the tasks associated with running it on a day-to-day basis as well as technological resources (servers, databases, backup copies, partner address book updates, checking for errors, etc.).

An EDICOM technician will act as your B2B e-commerce solution operator, handling all your management parameters as an advanced user of your communication platform.

Know the features of our Global Outsourcing Service.

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EDICOM Advanced Services Outsourcing-Onboarding-IPM

Technological outsourcing, traditionally associated with contracting hardware and software resources, used to be seen as a way for businesses to cut costs through the company’s total dedication to its core business activities.

The possibility of also subcontracting the management processes associated with maintenance of these resources has extended this outsourcing concept, making it a strategic option nowadays to help drive companies’ business and increase their value.

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