Why visit the PIH Show?

Why visit the PIH Show?

There are only a few weeks to go now until one of London’s benchmark technological reference events for the healthcare industry. On September 28, the Procurement In Health (PIH) Show conference is taking place at the Olympia, an event that will bring together more than 4000 international industry leaders. If you have not yet booked your reservation, in this post we give you 8 reasons why you should do so as soon as posible:

  • NHS e-Procurement Strategy will be the central focus of the session. The event is an ideal opportunity for NHS trusts and providers to get close-up first-hand knowledge of how to adapt successfully to this revolutionary project, which is already up and running.
  • Beyond this strategy, visitors will find answers to optimization of their businesses through technological solutions designed to enhance healthcare supply chain efficiency.
  • PIH will bring together more than 100 specialist lecturers. Taking part among them will be EDICOM’s International Account Manager in the UK, along with our International Account Manager for Benelux, Vera Kabout.
  • The event organizers have designed a comprehensive agenda, adding up to more than 60 hours of presentations.
  • Visitors to the PIH Show will have the chance to explain their cases personally and resolve their doubts and queries with experts in the NHS e-Procurement Strategy. You can now book an appointment with the EDICOM team, located at stand 238, by filling in this form.
  • The event will bring together high-level professionals in the technology, public and healthcare fields, making it the perfect venue to share opinions and do some networking.
  • PIH Show is certified as 8 hours CPD (Continuing Professional Development), so attendees can request a certificate that day for attending sessions.
  • Entry to the event is free of charge for NHS trust members, professionals in the public sector and charities. 

If you would like to know more about the UK’s benchmark healthcare event, you can visit the PIH website and get your ticket. We also recommend this guide to the NHS e-Procurement Strategy, so you can get to know the technological changes due to affect the NHS and all its suppliers.


What are the advantages of the NHS eProcurement Strategy?

The e-procurement initiative rolled out by the National Health Service (NHS) makes the British healthcare system a technological front runner. With the eProcurement Strategy, all transactions, purchasing processes, product traceability and communications are to become electronic. A great digital leap forward that will benefit both the NHS and its trusts and the businesses providing goods and services.


Benefits for the NHS

By automating procedures and doing away with the use of paper throughout the supply chain, the NHS will save between 5000 and 8000 pounds per bed. Moreover, the Department of Health (DoH) also forecasts that once the strategy is fully implemented there will be 10% fewer wasted products. This will be possible thanks to the electronic item tracking by applying GS1 coding, which incorporates a product tagging system for optimum stock control and management.

Another advantage of applying this initiative is that the user information on products will be much more accurate. Bear in mind that the strategy includes the implementation of electronic catalogues or data pools, such as EDICOMData, whereby suppliers can share all their product information in real-time with the healthcare organizations. This will mean greater safety for patients, as mistakes are avoided and the use of medicines will be facilitated with more specific instructions.

However, the main change ahead for the NHS is enhanced efficiency, productivity and security. Digitization will simplify management, significantly reducing the number of mistakes made in manual processing.


Benefits for NHS suppliers

All companies providing goods or services to NHS trusts are required to adapt to the eProcurement Strategy. However, rather than an obligation, these suppliers should see implementation of the initiative as part of the drive towards digitization. The rollout of e-communications, through PEPPOL and GDSN, is an open door to international trade and optimization of other business activities.

One of the most outstanding benefits of the e-procurement strategy is that in the medium term businesses are going to appreciate a significant reduction in costs. The saving is mainly due to process automation, which will boost productivity, but also to the elimination of paper. These companies will no longer have to invest in printing, postal forwarding or physical storage for the documents exchanged with the NHS public hospitals network. Something which, moreover, will make them more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

As occurs with the NHS trusts, the e-processes will cut down the number of errors and enhance security. To all this we must add that the traceability throughout the supply chain will furnish businesses with such relevant information as the current status of their invoices.


Full information on the eProcurement Strategy

If you would like more detailed information on the aims of this initiative and the deadlines for rollout in companies, we recommend you download this free White Paper on the NHS eProcurement Strategy (available in English and Spanish). In addition, you can attend the event Procurement In Healthcare (PIH) Show, being held on 28 September in London. This international benchmark event for the health sector will feature technological experts in the field, like EDICOM, demonstrating solutions to enable businesses to adapt to this process easily and maximize the benefits.

Scan4Safety event– It’s time to talk about the NHS e-Procurement Strategy

The leap forward of the NHS e-Procurement Strategy is already underway and thousands of health sector suppliers now have to adapt to using this new electronic system. To clear up any queries and streamline implementation of the project, the UK’s North Tees & Hartlepool hospital is holding an event on 19th and 20th July at the Wynyard Hall Hotel, in Tees Valley. In addition to supplier companies, other health centres and companies specializing in electronic data transfer between systems, such as EDICOM, will also be taking part.

The event kicks off at 9:15 on both days and runs until 16:45. During the sessions, visitors will have the chance to attend different conferences on the NHS strategy, mainly focused on contributing knowledge of particular features of the system related with the PEPPOL network and GS1 coding. These are ultimately the standards set out in the regulation as mandatory for electronic data transfer and product traceability.

In addition to the talks, there will also be time for suppliers to discuss their queries directly with companies specializing in technology solutions to meet this challenge. To this end, EDICOM, a PEPPOL-accredited Access Point and Data Pool certified by GS1 worldwide, will be at stand number 8.


NHS e-Procurement Strategy deadlines

The NHS e-procurement strategy calls for technological implementation at various levels. This means that all procurement-related processes in the health sector will become electronic, from the exchange of business documents to monitoring or traceability of products purchased.

Due to the grand scale of the project, the Department of Health (DoH) has opted for a gradual adaptation to the strategy. The next deadline is September 30th. By then, suppliers must have delivered a plan to the DoH that ensures compliance with GS1 and PEPPOL standards They will also need to have signed up to an Access Point, and assigned a GLN code and a GTIN designation to their products for each packaging level.

If you would like to know more about this technological leap in the UK’s National Health Service, we recommend you download our free White Paper on the NHS e-Procurement Strategy. The document covers all details of the regulation and the steps to be taken for migration.

EDICOM Attends Another GS1 Connect Event

EDICOM’s USA team is preparing for GS1 Connect’s annual event.

This is one of the most highly anticipated events for companies in the electronic communications sector and will take place from June 1st to 3rd in the United States’ capital, Washington D.C.

The event will take place at the Marriott Marquis, which will host hundreds of companies and specialists in the field of information technology.

On this occasion, the event is titled, “Unlock the Power of Standards.” The objective is to demonstrate how companies and industries can utilize GS1 standards, have a greater potential to reinvent themselves, adapt easily to market changes, improve efficiency and ultimately grow their businesses.

EDICOM, a GS1 Connect 2016 silver sponsor, will demonstrate its B2B and B2G solutions at stands 52 and 53. These solutions are designed with interoperability criteria to be able to exchange electronic documents such as invoices in any country in the world regardless of legal or technical differences.

Attendees who want to learn more details about these solutions can request a meeting or product demonstration with an EDICOM team member by filling out a request form.

Transforming Change Into Opportunity

Today technology and the market are constantly evolving.  Therefore companies from all sectors must be able to adapt and transform these changes into opportunities. In this sense, the opportunities in the B2B relationship field are marked by the use of the same language between partners. For this reason, EDICOM supports the electronic interchange of data based on standards that foster various associations such as GS1 both in Europe and in the United States and Latin America. These are some of the innovative solutions EDICOM’s specialists will present during the event:

The International Platform for Electronic Invoicing

In just a few years, electronic invoicing has been extended to a multitude of countries in the world, but especially in Latin America and Europe. The majority of these regions are already obligated to use this system with all businesses, which also affects multinational US companies that operate in these markets.

Does this present a problem? Yes it does which is that each country has different technical and legal requirements. In other words, there is no standardization, which makes it difficult for multinational companies to adapt to each and every regulation. That’s why EDICOM has created the International Platform for Electronic Invoicing as a solution, which uses a company’s management system to transform key information on invoices to the layout and requirements necessary for each country. The process is transparent and doesn’t affect a company’s daily operations. It also can be operated using the company’s central management software in the business’ matrix.

This is EDICOM’s ultimate standardized response, which leverages power technology infrastructure mapping tools. Not all countries will speak the same language in terms of electronic invoicing, but technology can translate the data from any invoice using a simple and straightforward process.

EDICOMData –GDSN Data Pool

Next after the electronic invoice, the use of product data synchronization through the GDSN pool is also expanding. In fact, in Europe its use is fundamental to suppliers and distributors of food products, since they must synchronize the nutritional information of their products.

In this area, the GDSN network is a bridge to achieve synchronization from the master articles of partners. Of course this is possible through the use of the GDSN standard based on structured XML language and GS1 codification for the identification of products through the GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number).

Aware of the importance of this network, EDICOM is one of the pool data pioneers standardized by GS1 International to be able to interoperate in the GDSN network with any other data pool certificate. Its orientation and promotion of standards as a basis for achieving an interconnected system of companies, is demonstrated with important milestones such as the approval of EDICOMdata, Data Pool and it being the first company ready to connect with the GS1 Source. In addition, EDICOM has the first solution adapted for the new GDSN Major Release version 3.

 Since the upgrade of the GDSN network took place this May, 1,500 modifications that mainly affect the organizational structure have been incorporated. Now companies like EDICOM that have electronic catalogs based on the GS1 standard are able to arrange information in a more flexible way. Furthermore, the new version is prepared to adapt better to regulatory changes, to optimize the quality of data and to speed up the time necessary to implement the standard.

The EDI MultiFormat Solution

Another tool attendees won’t want to miss at stands 53 and 54 at GS1 Connect is EDICOM’s EDI platform. It’s a complete solution for electronic data interchange that automates the process of issuing electronic transactions (orders, delivery notes, confirmation receipts, etc.) through a company’s management system.

The highlight of this tool is that it’s a multiformat and multistandard solution. This means that, from an automatic translation module, it is able to share information securely with any partner regardless of its location, standard used and technological capabilities. As a result, multinational companies can manage their financial activities from a centralized point whether it’s at an IT Department or through shared service centers. The final result is great economic costs.

Without a doubt, these will be the three leading tools at this year’s GS1 Connect event. Attendees can request that a member of EDICOM’s team give a demonstration on any technological solution that will optimize B2B communications. To do this, it’s necessary to click here to complete this contact form.

In addition, EDICOM will have its traditional raffle for a technological product for attendees who come to its stand like it has always done at previous GS1 Connect events. Don’t forget to stop by for a chance to win a Next Generation GoPro.


EDICOM is a GS1 Partner

EDICOM has a firm commitment to the promotion and use of standards in electronic communications. That’s why it’s working with GS1 in a multitude of countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Argentina, France and Portugal.

The 2016 GS1 Connect event will be a great opportunity to exchange views and learn about the latest developments in the sector. Companies that don’t want to miss this event can register on the website.

GS1 UK Healthcare Conference: towards a technological revolution in the health sector

The National Health Service (NHS) e-procurement strategy is steadily gaining ground in the United Kingdom and poses a considerable challenge, both for public entities and their suppliers. This is why at the GS1 UK Healthcare Conference 2016 edition, sponsored by EDICOM among others, this technological leap will be the real protagonist. In fact, the title of the session scheduled for 12 and 13 April is “Helping the NHS save thousands of lives and millions of pounds.”

On this occasion, the event is taking place at the Heathrow Radisson Blu Edwardian and over 300 guests are expected to attend. Here, they can take part in specialist conferences with NHS members and find out first-hand how to implement the e-Procurement Strategy. To this end, EDICOM will be at stand 3 in the event sponsors area, showcasing the most cutting-edge solutions to implement each and every one of the requirements set by NHS: from the e-catalogue to data integration.

Over the two days of the conference there will also be time to discuss health in the international scope. Here, the adoption of standards and new technologies could help create a safer industry for patients, but also much more efficient. Returning to the NHS, the figures show that every hospital in England will save roughly £3 million per annum through paperless initiatives.



EDICOM is currently one of the most well-rounded technology providers in the sector health sector worldwide, with clients of reference such as Abbot, Bayer or Lilly. In addition to being a specialist in EDI and e-invoicing, we also have specific solutions for the industry such as Business@Mail Pharma.

In the specific case of the e-Procurement Strategy, EDICOM fully complies with the GS1 and PEPPOL standards required by the regulations. The EDICOMData e-catalogue is a GS1-certified Datapool, so can operate in the GDSN network. It is also authorized as Access Point Provider, with full operational capacity in the PEPPOL network.


How to attend the event?

To participate in the GS1 UK Healthcare Conference it is necessary to purchase tickets through the GS1 UK website, which you can do by clicking here.

To learn more about the e-procurement strategy that is technologically revolutionizing the British health service, we recommend this free download of the White Paper on NHS e-Procurement (available in English and Spanish).