Technological Solutions for the Retail Industry

Retail Industry

The United States is a global leader in the retail industry, a sector that, today, faces important challenges as the immediacy demanded by the final consumer or the globalization. In this sector, retailers are increasingly relying on the use of technological solutions, such as electronic data interchange. In fact, the retail industry is by far the most advanced when it comes to the incorporation of EDI into company operations.

Why is EDI technology an ally in the retail industry?

Although only in recent years have retail companies had to optimize their technological processes to be competitive, EDI technology has been tied to this industry for decades. This is due to the specific characteristics of the sector, such as the high volume of commercial transactions, the heterogeneity of products or the communication between partners with very different characteristics.

The main reason EDI and technology have become allies of retailers is that they can solve all the aforementioned situations. As well, they have the following advantages:

  • Automation of commercial transactions
  • Increased productivity
  • Economic savings
  • Reduced errors
  • More agility and efficiency in the supply chain management
  • Fluid communication with suppliers and customers at a global level
  • Increased safety during processes

EDICOM’s Technological Solutions for Optimizing the Retail Industry

EDI Platform:
The retail industry has a variety of players, ranging from large distributor chains to small suppliers. That is why EDICOM has developed different EDI solutions, which are adapted to the needs of each type of profile:

  • Ediwin XML / EDI Server: This is a software that allows companies to integrate electronic data interchange with their management system, so that transactions are automated. With this platform, the retail industry streamlines operations, increases security and adds traceability to all processes.
  • Ediwin Viewer: This is a low-cost, quick-start alternative designed for companies that exchange low volumes of documents, as with certain suppliers or small retailers. The EDI Web solution does not require companies to implement any systems; they need only an internet connection.
  • Ebimap: This application is a data mapper, which is a module that integrates into the EDI solution to automatically translate any message to the standard required by the owner or the recipient. It is essential to establish fluid communication between partners of all kinds.
  • Business@Mail: Occasionally, retailers send messages to recipients who do not have an EDI solution. To avoid duplicating work, this solution integrates with the EDI platform of the issuer and automatically publishes the electronic documents in a secure web portal, through which the recipients can access with a username and password.
  • VMI Flow: This solution is based on VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) technology that aims to improve the management of the supply chain. This system submits the information exchanged between partners through complex mathematical analysis to synchronize supply and demand to the maximum. The goal is for the final customer to receive greater value, better service and a greater variety of products.

Cortefiel, Grupo Gigante, Toys R’Us and Harrods are some of the big retail companies that already use these solutions to optimize their B2B communications and their work procedures. You can learn more about their success stories here.

EDICOM is now authorized EDI provider to Carrefour Brazil


After a rigorous series of tests, EDICOM has managed to become an EDI provider approved to connect with Carrefour, Brazil’s second biggest retailer. These trials positively rated the security assurances provided by the EDICOM platform in exchanging business transactions, such as purchase orders, invoicing for tax purposes and “espelhos da nota fiscal eletrônica“.

In practice, approval as an EDI service provider allows seamless connectivity with Carrefour. This means that all EDICOMNet platform users now have direct access to this retail giant, with no need for third-party intervention in their communications. This ensures more immediate and secure electronic document interchange.

Why does Carrefour trust EDICOM?

The reasons behind EDICOM’s certification as an approved provider include its technological capacity and international projection. The EDICOMNet VAN currently handles around 300 million transactions, from more than 12,000 trading partners worldwide. Moreover, it is a multiprotocol and multi-standard network, so can easily adapt to each company’s particular needs.

Another important reason for approval as an EDI provider is the service availability. In the SLA signed, EDICOM undertakes to ensure 99.9% availability. The resolution time for incidents is also set at less than 6 hours.

Beyond these reasons, we must add that EDICOM holds different international certifications and authorizations accrediting its platform security and data confidentiality. These include the ISO 27001 Information Security standard, ISO 20000 for IT Service Management or ISAE 3402.

A global connection with the retail sector

In addition to Carrefour Brazil, EDICOM also has direct connection to important retailers worldwide, such as Dia, El Corte Inglés, Toys ’R’ Us or Grupo Gigante. An industry in which the use of EDI becomes an indispensable tool to optimize supply chain management and ensure smooth communication between the many stakeholders taking part in it.

EDICOM links up with major Russian retailers

We are witnessing a world of increasingly global trade where borders are diluted. The spread of communications has encouraged many companies to take the leap into foreign trade or expand their destination countries. With 143 million people, Russia is one of the largest potential markets worldwide. But how is it possible to manage an EDI relationship there?

In certain sectors, especially in retail,the use of electronic data interchange is indispensable. To be able to connect with distributors in that country, many European multinationals believe they should have a local EDI solution, due to the specifications and requirements of the Russian market. However, this is no longer necessary, as EDICOM’s EDI Platform automatically adapts to the requirements of any country worldwide.

When it comes to retail in Russia, EDICOM’s EDI solution has the capacity to connect with some of the country’s major retailers:

e-Invoicing peculiarities
In transactions exchanged via EDI with Russian retailers, e-invoicing is fast becoming one of the most significant factors. As is happening in the rest of the world, its use is spreading thanks to the lower economic costs and simplified operations.

The Russian e-invoicing system sets out some restrictions, such as the use of XML standards tagged in Russian, or the use of local service providers to handle message sending, signature of documents with local certificates, or integration with the Russian tax authority through the exchange of different ACKs. To this end, EDICOM maintains collaboration agreement with local entities in the country that guarantee the provision of an integral service for the exchange of a complete flow of EDI transactions with any Russian retailer.

Guarantee of a global partner
At EDICOM, our work is focused on making international expansion easier for our clients. Through EDI platforms and electronic billing, companies now have the chance to operate automatically with any company from any country, with no need to install local solutions in parallel.

With projects up and running in over 60 countries, we are a leading technological company with a strong international presence and proven ability to keep all our solutions in force, updating them in line with the particular features of practically any country in the world.   This way, multinationals can integrate 100% of their communications in a single point, saving time and money.


EDICOMNet, the EDI B2B global interchange network provides link-up with Disney stores

If you are using an EDICOM EDI B2B platform integrated with your ERP, you can automate the reception of purchase orders from Disney stores through our own private network  EDICOMNet.

With EDICOMNet you can reach the main distributors and expand the scope of your EDI B2B communications project worldwide. Not for nothing is it one of the largest value added networks for exchanging electronic transactions, providing direct connectivity with the world’s major retailers.

EDICOMNet is also one of the best connected private networks for electronic data interchange, permanently updating its interoperability agreements with the main VAN (Value Added Network) worldwide.

Contact our sales department to find out how to integrate purchase orders from the Disney Store and further information on connectivity possibilities with other large distributors.

Importance of information flow in the retail sector

Palestra William Pascheti

Orders, delivery notes, invoices, despatch advices… The purchasing and admin departments of large retail sector companies exchange dozens of documents every day with different customer profiles, suppliers, logistics operators and trading partners. A complicated arrangement in which any mistake can have serious consequences for the smooth running of the supply chain.

This is why the retail sector is currently one of the most advanced in the rollout of data integration technologies. EDI automates the majority of the procedures and provides secure connections with suppliers and manufacturers. This exponentially reduces the time companies spend on these tasks and minimizes the risk of error. It is therefore an ideal technology for retail business.

At the recent TI&Varejo trade fair, one of the world’s most important events dedicated to the retail sector, electronic data interchange had a starring role due to the possibilities it offers to manage the supply chain more easily and efficiently. In fact, big companies such as Grupo Gigante, Cortefiel, Dia, Toys R Us or Harrods have already rolled out the system through the EDICOMNet network, Business Mail and Ediwin, among other EDI solutions.

The event held in Brazil also had an extensive conference schedule dedicated to this technology. Among those taking part was our expert EDI consultant William Pascheti, who analyzed the importance of the different types of messages currently used (DESADV, RECADV, electronic catalogue/data pool, etc.) to enhance the flow of business and logistic information along the distribution chain in countries worldwide. This talk is available on video and can be viewed here:

 Importance of information flow in the retail sector